What Is Gold Vermeil?

Jewellery is part of the Harfi DNA. It’s one of the staples of artisanal craft, and every culture in the world has its own profound history of jewellery and gems that has been developed over the centuries.

We’ve been so proud to be able to sell Indian artisanal jewellery, as jewellery across the Indian subcontinent is full of stories and culture. As a culture that really holds gold in such cultural regard, India has been the place to be for intricate and exquisite golden designs, and that’s exactly what we’re bringing to our shop.

Gold Vermeil Lapis Lazuli Ring

Gold Vermeil Lapis Lazuli Ring

What is Gold Vermeil?

From a technical point, gold vermeil is a much higher quality of gold plating on jewellery. It’s usually between 14k and 22k, and the plating has to be more than 2.5 microns thick. This is different from “gold-plated” which only has to be 0.5 microns thick, so the difference in quality is already at least fivefold.

When did Gold Vermeil originate?

It’s been around since around the 18th century, as jewellers in France discovered that they could craft even more intricate designs by using vermeil. The technique has since been spread around the world, and taken off particularly in cultures that place great importance on the wearing of gold, especially at special occasions. 

Rose Gold Vermae Opal & Copper Turquoise Earrings


Why is Gold Vermeil so popular?

Indian vermeil has become massively popular because it has made artisanal jewellery much more accessible for normal people. Back in the day, a bride’s jewellery for a wedding would cost hundreds of thousands of rupees (which is still thousands of pounds), but with vermeil, it’s more than possible for a bride to get the design and quality she loves for a much less extortionate price. 

Vermeil has also allowed designers and artisans to really expand their catalogue of designs, since they can afford to experiment more working with vermeil. This has been one of the main forces behind the new wave of Indian jewellery that is doing so well around the world.

Isha Gold Vermae Earrings | Ethical Jewellery

 Isha Gold Vermeil Seraphinite Earrings 

Why should you buy Gold Vermeil?

Our new set of gold jewellery lets us give you an even higher quality of material and metal, with added durability, as we work with our fantastic Indian artisans to always keep improving the beautifully handcrafted jewellery that we are lucky enough to be able to offer. 

Gold vermeil is the highest quality of wearable gold before pure gold and offers the aesthetic brilliance and durability of pure gold you love without the hefty price tag.

We’re absolutely over the moon to be bringing you gold vermeil, and we hope you’re excited too!

You can browse our ethically jewellery collection here and learn more about the materials behind our jewellery here


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