Care Instructions

Cleaning And Care

We want to make sure you enjoy your handmade pieces for as long as possible so we have created this guide to advise you on the best way to care for your products. 

With the right preventative care the rug will stay with you for generations:

1) Removing Dust - During day to day use dust can accumulate and shred the fibres of the rug. The key is to clean your rug regularly to prevent the dust from settling. We recommend you vacuum your rug from side to side (not end to end) on a weekly basis (make sure not to use a vauum cleaner that has a beater bar or rotating brush on it as this may damage the fibres of the rug). Alternatively you can also shake your rug outside.

2) Spot cleaning - should a spillage occur make sure to clean it up as soon as possible to prevent stains. Simply drop a bit of baking soda onto the area and allow it to soak up the moisture. Wait about 20 seconds and then vacuum. Repeat this process until the baking soda stops absorbing liquid. If you haven’t noticed the spillage straight away and it has settled try applying clean cold, water instead (you can also try mixing the water with vinegar)

3) Avoid using too much water when cleaning - be careful not to apply too much water to your rug as this may soak into the rug and cause mildew.

1) Reshaping - If the basket needs to be reshaped, which is sometimes the case after shipping, simply spritz slightly with water and place a heavy object inside to give the shape you want and let it dry

2) Foldable - Your basket can used open or folded for two different looks

3) Keep your basket dry. They are all made of natural materials and may deteriorate if they get damp.

1) Washing - Dry cleaning is recommended. Otherwise, handwash or gentle machine wash 20/30°. it's better to wash the blanket inside a duvet cover.

2) Softens With Use - The blanket may seem slightly rough when new but will soften with use

3) Cleaning - You may spot clean your blanket or throw with a soft cloth and dabbing action.


 1) Keep Dry - Try to keep your bag dry. It is made of natural materials and may deteriorate if it gets dampIf it gets wet you can wipe the bag dry with a damp cloth

2) Removing Dust - Use a cloth or brush to remove possible dust from the woven straw.

3) Travel Light - Avoid putting very heavy objects into the bag as this will put strain on the handles

1) Before Use - Before using the towel we recommend a gentle wash in the machine or hand washing. Don't use bleach or fabric softener.

2) Washing - Try not to wash with items that have a a zip or hooks as they might tangle in the tassels This prewashing will help speed up the absorbency of the cotton and soften the towel for use. The towel will increasingly soften over time.

3) Ironing - Use a warm iron to smooth out any unwanted wrinkles. 

4) Loose Threading - In the event that your towel gets caught and a bit of thread gets pulled out, don’t panic. As the towel is woven, you can simply cut off the piece of thread without causing it to unravel.

5) Multi-purpose - this towel can also be used as a throw, tablecloth, scarf and many more!

Natural leather products will often display differences in the grain, colour, scars and other small imperfections which all indicate the natural origin and authenticity of the leather. With the right preventative care, however, our leather bags are built to last for a long time:

1) Simple cleaning – wipe your bag once every couple of weeks to avoid dirt and dust. Use and a damp cloth and cold water without soap to clean your bag. Avoid an excessive use of chemicals as this may do more than good and speed up the fading process. Any chemical will have an affect on the colour of the bag, even it is only slight.

2) Mositurising your leather – mositurise your bag at least one every 6 months with leather cream or conditioner to avoid the leather drying out. After applying leave it to dry in a sufficiently ventilated area away from any direct sources of heat

3) Storage - Store in a cool, well ventilated room – keep away from direct sunlight and other sources of heat. Air out your bag once every few weeks to prevent mould from growing. We also recommend stuffing your bag with butter paper or air bags to help retain its shape.

Jewellery is delicate so please make sure to follow the below guidelines to keep it looking shiny and lustrous for as long as possible:

1) Storage - store in a cool, dry, compartmentalised space. It should be stored separately to your other jewellery pieces to avoid scratching. Keep away from extreme temperatures and humidity. 

2) Use - as a general rule jewellery should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off. Avoid wearing jewellery during excessive activity, sleep or showering. Remove jewellery when applying make-up and creams.

3) Cleaning - apply a damp or dry soft cloth or bristled brush delicately to clean. Avoid using any harsh chemicals such as household cleaning fluids. Once it's clean dry quickly and thoroughly.

4) Polishing - gently apply a damp cloth to wipe the pieces. Do not use tissue paper or paper towels to avoid scratching.