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Harfi combines timeless design with artisanal finesse to bring you a stunning range of ethically-sourced jewellery and accessories. Each and every item we sell is full of soul, lovingly handmade by our talented artisans using traditional skills passed down through generations. We make unique pieces that match your style, personality and values. So you can look as good as you feel, everyday.

Fair Pricing

You care about pricing. We do too and here’s why... 8-10 mark up costs are the norm amongst major retail brands making fine jewellery unaffordable for most.

We believe as many people as possible should have access to the joy of owning fine handmade jewellery by skilled artisans. We want you to be able to get a piece of jewellery that you will treasure. Here's the good news. You save up to 60% at Harfi!

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Ethical Sourcing

Ultimately, we created Harfi as we strongly believed our artisans need a louder voice. They have mastered their technique through years of practise to accomplish the high level of finesse and care care that goes into each product we sell.

By working directly with the makers themselves we can ensure a fair wage for the artisans and the best quality for our customers.

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Harfi Quality

At Harfi we help you create a style as unique as you are by bringing you ethical jewellery and accessories with a heartfelt story behind them. All our products have been handcrafted by talented artisans who have injected their personality and style into each and every creation.

You won’t find any mass produced items in our collections. All of our products have been handmade by artisans using traditional skills that have been passed through the generations. 


100% Artisan made

Age Old Traditions

Artisans are at the heart of what we do. Each lovingly-made product showcases the creativity and skill of the person who made it.

Meet the Artisans

Let us tell you more about it

We would love to share with you our latest news on product releases, artisan stories, sourcing trips and other behind the scenes reports. To follow along check out our journal here