Best Christmas gifts for those who work from home

Working from home is the topic at the tip of everyone’s tongues at the moment. Everyone’s got an opinion on it. Whether you’re a big fan of spending more time at home, or you’re longing for a return to the office, I’m sure we can agree that working from home is sticking around for at least a little while longer. As we head into Christmas territory, you might have already started to ask yourself what a good gift would be for someone spending all day at a desk. Well worry no longer, as we’re here to give you a crash course in the perfect gifts.

Topaz Necklace and Ring

Jewellery is a classic way of raising spirits and getting some good karma in to be called upon whenever a favour is needed. We’d recommend getting a nice little set of a pair of earrings and a matching necklace to make working from home a little more fashionable and raise everyone’s spirits. For November we’d recommend the sterling silver Skye ring paired with the matching sterling silver topaz Skye necklace, all set with breathtaking topaz gemstones, the birthstone for November. The stones are said to ward off danger, bring wealth, and even help with eyesight. Sounds like the perfect Christmas gift!

Sterling silver topaz necklace, ring and braclet

Azurite Necklace

The stunning Azurite gem brings beauty in its own way. Not through dazzling light, but through vibrant colours that make every gem just as unique as the person who wears it. It’s said to allow you to become that bit more aware of yourself, boosting intuition and letting you fully understand the world around you. More practically, our Azurite Necklace is part of our all-new gold vermeil range that gives you all the beauty of gold plating with even more durability. It’s the perfect way to spice up the home-office and bring a bit of vibrancy into the new workplace when it might be starting to get a little dull.

Azurite Necklace

Garnet Necklace and Bracelet

Red is the colour of so many things, love, war, danger, and the garnet. Whatever symbolism you associate with the gem, it’s undeniable that the gem lights up any workspace it’s in. The stone carries ideas of faith, truth, and a long life, and who doesn’t need a bit of all three while working from home. Our garnet collection is all plated in gold vermeil, making sure this Christmas gift is one that lasts for years to come. The garnet is also the birthstone for January, so it’s the perfect early birthday gift for anyone with a birthday coming up.

Gold Vermeil Garnet Collection

Argan Oil

The winter winds can play havoc on skin, drying out once lovely moist skin and making sure we’re all carrying some lip balm, just in case. Argan oil is the perfect choice to moisturise skin, lips, nails, and even hair to keep you glowing. It also contributes to keeping you healthy with natural Vitamin E, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants which are all absorbed through the skin. For the person spending all day in front of a computer, with nothing but the artificial light to warm their skin, some natural, ethically sourced, and vegan argan oil might just be the perfect gift. Help them rejuvenate their skin and hair, stop any signs of aging before they even appear, and help them look summer-ready, even through the darkest parts of winter.

Pure & Organic Argan Oil, 50m

Pure & Organic Argan Oil, 50ml

Hammam Towel

When someone’s spending so much time indoors, self-care is an absolute must, so you might just want to invest in some tools for the best self-care sessions available to humankind. A handwoven cotton peshtemal might just be the absolute best way of doing that. It can jump into any self-care routine, whether it’s a warm bath, an aloe mask, or an argan oil massage, and be the soft touch you need. A perfect spa towel for the colder time, and a beach towel for when we’re allowed back out there. What could be better than a modern take on a classic Turkish peshtemal towel, lovingly handwoven by local artisans

using organic cotton, nothing, that’s what.

Esma Hammam Towel, Cream & Charcoal

Esma Hammam Towel, Cream & Charcoal, £25.00

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