Top Five Christmas Gifts Under £50

The Christmas season is fast approaching, and we can already hear Mariah Carey on the radio at every hour of the day. These are all sure-fire ways to tell that it’s high-time to start finding some Christmas gifts for loved ones and maybe even not-so-loved ones, that special bit of jewellery to keep them happy for another 12 months, or a thoughtful and practical towel for the one you really care about. To help you out in this massive endeavour, we’ve thrown together a handy list of our top five Christmas gifts for under £50.

Nisa Hammam Towel

Now, hear us out, a towel isn’t just a great gift for the winter, it’s fantastic all year round. During the winter months it’s the perfect piece for keeping you warm in the bathroom, bringing some high-quality, hand-crafted, and organic cotton to your bathroom scene. During the summer time it can flawlessly transition into a towel to take on holiday to the beach. Thanks to its organic cotton material, it rolls up incredibly small, and takes the heat very well. It’s a great way to up your towel game without breaking the bank, and the perfect practical gift for that special someone this Christmas.

Nisa Black Hammam Beach Towel - Christmas Gift


Zara Clutch Bag

A perfect gift for anyone who got just a little too into Marie Kondo-ing their space over the last year. The epitome of minimalist chic, this pure leather clutch will be the perfect size for everything you need for a night out on the town, whenever those will be happening again. Its unique foldover style even lets you squeeze more in if needed. It’s a perfect gift to get this Christmas and it’s the perfect clutch to use all year round. It goes with every dress, it’s handmade, and all the materials are ethically sourced, what more could you ask for?

Black Leather Clutch Bag | Foldover Purse

Zara Clutch Bag, £40.00

Krisha Earrings

Earrings are a Christmas classic, the perfect example of the best things coming in small packages. So what better gift to give a special someone than some handcrafted earrings? As the birthstone for December, Turquoise gems are the perfect gift for Christmas, with some believing that the gems bring clarity of mind, a lightening of burdens, and a general feeling of peace. Who wouldn’t love some of that this Christmas? The earrings themselves are handmade in India, with a brass coated in gold by local artisans, and a locally sourced gem added to top it all off. It’s the perfect way to bring some colour into the bleaker months.

Krisha Earrings, Turquoise. £30.00.

Sylvia Ring

Keeping with the theme of 18k gold, a handcrafted ring is another very good way of making a special someone incredibly happy with you for Christmas. A perfect complement to any other piece of gold jewellery, the Sylvia ring is topped with a striking azurite gem. These gems are some of our favourites, with the patterns they bring really unparalleled by anything else thanks to their natural variations. These gems carry the nickname of “stone of heaven” and after seeing the intricate beauty they naturally carry, you’ll know exactly why. It’s the Christmas gift that’s just as unique as that special person is. It can also pair well with the similarly azurite Sylvia earrings, Sylvia bracelet and Sylvia necklace for a great coordinated look.

Azurite ring and azurite bracelet - May birthstone jewellery

Sylvia ring, £33.50 

Mishika Necklace

Now this is one for the special someone who like to get spiritual with their aesthetic. The moon of the Mishika necklace has long been associated with powerful femininity and fertility. It’s a sign of woman’s hidden wisdom and powers that might not be clear to see during the daylight. A perfect Christmas gift for someone who is proud of their femininity and ready to wear it on their sleeve. This piece is handmade in India by the fantastic artisans we work with, and will help to give back to all the wonderful women who work so hard to design and create these beautiful items.

Women Empowerment Crescent Half Moon Necklace

Mishika Necklace, £22.50

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