Product Description

Embrace the warm radiance of Citrine, the captivating November birthstone, known for its vibrant golden hues that symbolize abundance, positivity, and success. Infuse your life with the uplifting energy of this gem, a perfect tribute to November-born individuals and a meaningful gift that embodies joy, prosperity, and renewed beginnings.

This jewellery arrives beautifully packaged and ready to gift. It would make a really thoughtful and meaningful birthday gift, Christmas gift, Mother's Day gift, Valentine's Day gift, anniversary gift, gift for Mum, gift for Grandma, gift for wife, gift for friend, gift for her, gift for best friend, gift for Mom, thank you gift, wedding gift, easter gift or gift for any other special occasion.

Elevate your energy with our Natural Citrine November Birthstone Gold Plated Bracelet, beautifully crafted from 18ct gold vermeil and adorned with a genuine natural citrine gem accented by copper, creating a harmonious blend of elegance and positivity.

Our Natural Citrine November Birthstone Gold Plated Bracelet features an 18cm bracelet length and showcases a radiant 12mm x 12mm citrine pendant, for a truly enchanting adornment.