Argan Oil | Ethical Production

Countries For Ethical Production

There are many countries which are responsible in producing oils for worldwide distribution, with these areas creating the following produce:

  • Olive Oil - Exported from Spain
  • Palm Oil - Exported from Indonesia
  • Coconut Oil - Exported from Phillippines
  • Peanut Oil - Exported from Argentina

There are ethical production systems in place in many of these countries, as well as for other exports around the world as we become more aware of the importance of sustainability and economic support for the workers.

Alongside these oils is the growing production of Argan oil, which is ethically sourced from locals in Morocco who source and pick the fruit which contains rich argan kernels, to then be used for extracting the oils for production. By using local skilled people, we can work with them as part of a cooperative to help them reap the benefits of their hard work and to help spread the cost and profits fairly across other workers. 

This is primarily in Morocco because of the presence of the local argan tree which grows there and helps contribute towards not only the economy of the country and it’s workers, but also provides shade and nutrition for plants and animals, as well as creating landscape stability against desertification which can occur in vast, empty land areas.