About us

Harfi brings you affordable luxury so that you can both feel and look good

With the growth of fast fashion, there is now more choice than ever before as everything is literally at your fingertips. This added convenience, however, often leads to overconsumption and decision fatigue as choosing the outfit that conveys YOUR individual style is by no means a simple task.

The jewellery sector, in particular is saturated with so many options. On the one hand you have lower priced, mass produced, trend led jewellery that disappoints due to the poor quality, uninspiring design and short shelf life. On the other hand, you have luxury jewellery with huge mark ups (8-10 mark up costs are the industry norm amongst major retails brands) making them inaccessible to most. This is why we created Harfi.

Harfi | Fair Pricing

Harfi brings you a range of demi-fine jewellery that doesn’t cost the earth. So you can make a statement, every day.

Inspired by our travels and our encounters with traditional crafts people around the world, we saw an opportunity to provide great quality pieces at fair prices by working directly with the makers themselves. By removing the middlemen and keeping the supply chain as lean as possible – no distributors or resellers – and working directly with our artisan partners we are able to offer the same quality of jewellery at a much more affordable price. Fine jewellery at a fair price without compromising on quality.

Harfi | Frame Gemstone Jewellery

Harfi brings you a first-of-its-kind capsule jewellery collection

Designed to simplify our busy lives and make our wardrobes more sustainably chic Harfi’s capsule jewellery collection includes a few essentials that you can mix and match to curate your own jewellery wardrobe

About the Collection

Every jewellery piece comes in 18k gold vermeil. Far more durable than regular gold plating, gold vermeil provides a premium alternative to solid gold that won’t break the bank.

The collection consists of base earrings and chains, complemented by a range of interchangeable statement pendants to customise your look. The pendants include everything from raw birthstones and semi-precious gemstones to initials and zodiac charms. They are all designed to slide seamlessly on and off the earrings and chains so that you can easily personalise your look, every day.

Harfi | Zodiac Pendant Charms

For the everyday women

The Harfi capsule collection has been created for the everyday woman who craves simplicity, style and sophistication in her wardrobe. With a focus on high quality craftsmanship, affordability and timeless design, Harfi is on a mission to make it easier than ever to inspire effortless confidence in your look. Harfi gives free reign to your imagination by providing a few essential items that you can mix to your taste into endless combinations. With prices ranging from £50 to £100, Harfi offers demi-fine jewellery that doesn't cost the earth.

Harfi | Jewellery

We hope you love our products as much as we do!

Sabrina and Chris x

Harfi Co-Founders