Your Guide to Shopping Ethically

As the world wakes up to the problems of fast fashion, it is increasingly apparent that many global fashion brands are complicit. The ethical and environmental implications of the fast fashion industry are evidently devastating, but how can we change this? Through prioritising shopping with brands whose ethics align with our values, the fashion industry could be transformed, not to mention the peace of mind an environmentally and socially conscious wardrobe brings. Below, we give our top tips for more ethical shopping.

Your Values

The main priority when shopping ethically is finding brands that adhere to your own values. Many companies are now prioritising animal rights, environmental sustainability and fair wages for their workers throughout their supply chain. This information should be clear and easily accessible on the brand’s website, assuring you that their values align with your own.


The companies you shop with should emphasise transparency; avoid brands that include no mention of the manufacturing processes or supply chain on their website. Consider shopping from smaller businesses that stock artisan-made pieces as this supply chain is transparent. Many smaller businesses partner with co-operatives, ensuring good working conditions and also providing artisans with a sustainable income. Aside from the assurance that your purchases are ethically sound, buying pieces from these artisans ensures the product is high quality. Many artisan-made pieces have been lovingly handmade by a talented artisan, preserving traditional craftsmanship skills for posterity.


Materials, manufacturing processes and packaging must all be taken into account when considering sustainability. To help with this, look at any ethical accreditation the company has. For example, at Harfi, our jewellery boxes are FSC®-certified, assuring you that the glue, paper and cardboard used are all 100% eco-friendly. 


Good quality items will last longer, helping you to combat the disposability of fast fashion. Materials used should be durable such as organic cotton, or jewellery made with gold vermeil.

The Benefits of Ethical Shopping

Shopping ethically ensures your peace of mind and allows you to curate a wardrobe you can be proud of. Good quality, affordable fashion is out there; the switch to a more ethical lifestyle shouldn’t be hard, especially as a larger cultural shift is occurring. The beauty of ethically-made pieces is that they have a story before they even reach your hands, especially if they are handmade; they are truly feel-good pieces. Shopping ethically brings character and individuality to your wardrobe allowing for a true expression of your identity and values.

At Harfi, ethical pieces are our priority. Shop our eco-jewellery here, or our ethically-sourced, handcrafted bags here.

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