Top 5 ways to make jewellery last longer

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Your jewellery carries so many memories. 

More than making you feel pretty, it can help you feel confident, act as a reminder someone loves you and be an expression of your personality. So, it should last as long as possible. Here are some tips to keep your keepsakes in the best condition.

Buy better quality jewellery

Our first tip is to buy better quality jewellery. The demi-fine jewellery we offer is durable enough to be worn every day and designed to last way longer than cheaper, fashion or costume jewellery.

Our 925 sterling silver will not turn your skin green as it is made with 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. This makes it durable. It is not made with brass, which is what makes silver costume jewellery turn your skin green as it reacts with sweat. We use gold vermeil, which uses a thicker coat of gold compared to gold plated jewellery. So, it maintains its colour for longer.

Though our demi-fine jewellery is designed to be worn for years and years, you still need to do some upkeep to keep them looking as pristine as they were when you first unwrapped that gift set. 

Gold plated versus gold filled versus gold vermeil

Store it well

Keep jewellery in an airtight plastic bag to avoid oxidisation. Tarnishing is when oxidisation causes a black coat to cover the jewellery. Sulphur and sulphur oxides react with the metal and make it rust. Sulphur is found in the air, in perfumes, hairspray, lotions and it even naturally comes from your skin. Avoid paper, cardboard and cotton filled jewellery boxes as storage because they can tarnish jewellery due to the sulphur content. 

Jewellery should be stored away from sunlight and heat. Avoid moist areas, like a bathroom. The risk of tarnishing increases with the level of humidity, especially for silver jewellery. Silica gel packs can help absorb moisture and prevent tarnishing.

Each piece should be separated to prevent scratching. Wrapping them in cloth or a cloth lined box can also help. You should hang necklaces and dangling earrings to stop tangling but a string of pearls should be laid flat to reduce stretching. 

For gemstone jewellery, store them in a padded jewellery box so it is soft enough not to damage the jewels. 

Jewellery Storage Box | Harfi


Be careful when putting it on and taking it off

Jewellery should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off. So, it prevents scratching or foreign matter from staying on the jewellery. When removing gemstone jewellery, do not pull them by the gemstone as this may cause the setting to become loose over time. Use a lint-free cloth for polishing jewellery after you take it off. A cloth used for polishing glasses would work, as would a microfibre cloth or a 100% cotton cloth. Avoid coarse fabrics like paper towels, toilet paper, tissues or terry cloth towels. 

Take it off for certain activities

Our demi-fine jewellery goes with any outfit, perfect for a casual weekend and dressing up for a night out. However, they should not be worn during exercise where you will be sweating, as this can react with the metal. Take it off before going in water, whether that is swimming, in a chlorine pool or saltwater, or bathing. Avoid wearing jewellery when doing household chores or gardening. Contact with the abrasive chemicals in cleaning products can be damaging and gemstones can come loose due to impact.

Astra Zodiac Necklace | Harfi

Clean it correctly

All jewellery needs a bit of TLC to look pristine as imperfections will build up over time. Regular cleaning will keep discolouration at bay. 

You don’t need any special jewellery cleaner; just household dish soap and some warm water. Make sure it is mild and without bleach or harsh chemicals. Use a soft cloth to clean the jewellery rather than dipping it in the solution. This may cause fading and can dull gemstones as some are naturally porous and absorbent. Use up and down strokes and light pressure. What you should not do is use circular motions as this can make the tarnish worse. If there is a gemstone, check around the crevices where to stone is set for dirt. You can use a soft brush to get these hard to reach places but be careful to make sure all the prongs are intact and the stone is secure. 

For bigger stains you can use a mixture of white vinegar (1/2 cup) and baking soda (2 tablespoons). 

Make sure to rinse off any soap or residue. Then pat it thoroughly dry after cleaning, before returning to an airtight container to ensure there is no moisture left.

Birthstone Jewellery | Harfi

All jewellery is delicate. Our demi-fine collections are more durable than costume jewellery but they are not invincible. Following these tips will protect their shine. After your jewellery has been there for you every day, it’s only right to show your jewellery a little care, too.

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