Our perfect Father's Day gift guide

Especially during these uncertain times, family is just so important. Making sure your loved ones are staying safe and happy can be such an amazing thing to do, and we’ve seen so many fantastic ideas for keeping families in touch over the course of this lockdown. From family quizzes to socially distanced picnics, there have been so many great ways to keep the family spirit going. 

With Father’s Day just around the corner, we thought we’d throw in our two pence on how to make it as special a day as humanly possible. Whatever the situation with the lockdown by the 21st, we’re sure that dads across the nation will be taking it easy. We’re expecting barbeques, beers, and just the worst jokes known to man and womankind.

While we’re sure every dad has told their loved ones that they don’t need any gifts this Father’s Day, we thought we’d give some suggestions, just in case they do in fact want a little gift to show how appreciated they are for all that they do the other 364 days of the year.


If there’s one thing dad’s love to do, it’s overprepping for any trip, and turning up to the airport about four hours before it’s even slightly necessary. So our first gift on the guide is the Omar travel bag.


Perfect for a cheeky weekend trip, or even a daytrip away, the Omar bag is a perfect gift for any jetsetting dad. Who knows, you might be able to get your dad to upgrade the rest of his travel wardrobe with this bag giving him the inspo he finally needs to upgrade from “that pair” of travel shorts.

If the whole bag isn’t what needs an upgrade, then we can offer you the Rohan Toiletry Bag

The handmade vegan toiletry bag can be the perfect gift for the sustainably minded dad, with faux leather and linen exterior keeping your toiletries safe and dry. The great thing about the Rohan bag is that it could also be used as a pencil case, or even a little knick-knack holder. 


We’re big supporters of dads taking some time to care for themselves, self-care isn’t just for the ladies. So we’re putting forward our bathroom accessories as the perfect way to get dad in the #selfcare mood.


Our handmade Esma Hammam Towel is a beauty to look at, and feels even better on your skin after a nice long bubble bath, which we’re sure dads count among one of their guiltiest pleasures. The 100% organic cotton gives an incomparable feeling on your skin, and the totally sustainable materials give the same feeling for your heart.


Last but not least, we know dads love to sit back and relax, and on Father’s Day why shouldn’t they? So we’d absolutely recommend some of our luxurious throws ssuch as the Kamal throw featured below to make sure dad maximises his relaxation.

Our Moroccan throws combine some aesthetically pleasing looks with fantastic feeling materials. The heavy cotton will feel amazing for the most exquisite naps known to mankind.

We hope your Father’s Day is a great day to celebrate those lovely dads in your lives, and that you’re all staying safe in these difficult times!

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