Top Ethical Jewellery Trends of 2020

Although we can all agree that the best jewellery is timeless, it is certainly true that jewellery trends evolve. Below, we explore the top jewellery trends of 2020, and what they can bring to your wardrobe.

Colourful Jewellery

This year has been all about having fun with your accessories. With colourful jewellery proving popular across the runway, this look brings life to an otherwise understated outfit.

The deep green of the Anika earring complemented by the Jasmin bracelet and Leena ring is a sophisticated way to bring colour to your wardrobe. 

Statement Earrings

Statement earrings have always elevated an outfit to the extraordinary, and 2020 is no different. With the rise of video calls and meetings, a statement earring carries more power than ever before. Choose an earring that combines an elegant silhouette with a pop of colour for a contemporary twist.

The Krisha earrings combine a stunning silhouette with a colourful gemstone for maximum statement.

For a more subtle approach to this trend, Versace has popularised the statement stud. This look is particularly perfect for the return to the office, or to bring colour without overcommitting.

The Bina studs are perfect for the office, and complemented by the Bina ring.

Hoop earrings

Hoop earrings are far from a new trend, but the timeless style is updated with colourful inlays. Furthermore, rotating the hoops into a doorknocker style provides an elegant silhouette; a contemporary twist on the classic hoop.

The Saira hoop capitalises on the colourful gemstone trend.

The Arya earring is a unique take on the classic hoop.

Gemstone Jewellery

Gemstones are having a moment, dominating the runway of designers like Brandon Maxwell. Not only are they the perfect way to incorporate colour into your wardrobe through elegant designs, they echo the shift towards organic materials that is occurring throughout the fashion industry. Natural stone and its myriad of benefits are starting to take centre stage. 

The Myra earrings are the perfect marriage of classic and contemporary, utilising a timeless silhouette that complements the trend towards natural stone and organic shapes.

Harfi’s Ella earrings and ring are set with an opal gemstone which symbolises emotional stability, intensifying emotional states and releasing inhibitions. They are also known to bring about loyalty and faithfulness, providing a wonderfully poignant gift to a loved one, or to treat yourself! 

By shopping at Harfi, you have the assurance that these gemstones are ethically sourced, ensuring your jewellery is beautiful both inside and out. 

Sustainable Jewellery

But perhaps the biggest jewellery ‘trend’ of 2020 should not be a ‘trend’ at all. The cultural shift away from fast fashion, towards the ethical and sustainable, has been marked.

Eco-jewellery ensures sustainability, avoiding soil contamination in the mining and manufacturing processes. Sustainability is not limited to these processes, but also depends on the quality of the materials used. Gold vermeil is becoming increasingly popular due to its durability. Jewellery made with gold vermeil will last longer, thus working to combat fast fashion. 

The Sarika ring, alongside much of Harfi’s jewellery, utilises gold vermeil. 

Ethical Jewellery

Ethical issues within the fashion industry have also been in the spotlight this year. Ethical jewellery brands should have a transparent manufacturing process to ensure good working conditions and sustainable income sources for its artisans. Working with small-scale co-operatives ensures the wealth created by the jewellery industry is directly received by local communities, eradicating exploitation. 

Jewellery is inherently personal, often given by a loved one or bought to mark special occasions. This, alongside the natural gemstones used and worn next to the skin, ensures each piece is particularly emotive. Jewellery should be worn time and time again, acquiring new stories along with the wearer; it should be treasured. For this to be the case, the jewellery must be beautiful in its very essence, not only in its looks. 

At Harfi, you can be assured that alongside its affordability, your jewellery is ethical and sustainable too. Each product page includes a blog post about the maker of the item you are purchasing, increasing transparency and ensuring the buyer is aware of the story behind the piece. 

Harfi’s jewellery has a story before it even finds itself in your hands, and each piece is truly unique.

You can browse Harfi’s ethically-sourced jewellery collection here, and read more about the artisans behind the pieces here.

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