Six Reasons You Need a Hammam Towel In Your Life

The use of Hammam towels dates back to ancient Rome, but they’ve recently made a resurgence due to their versatility and style. Far more practical and eco-friendly than the standard bath towel, here are the top reasons you should make the switch. 


The flat-woven cotton used to make Hammam towels makes them outstandingly absorbent, far more so than they’re regular counterparts. In fact, the use of this flat-woven cotton also means that the towels only get better with time, becoming increasingly soft and absorbent with each wash!

Pink and white hammam beach towel

Lightweight and absorbent, hammam towels are perfect for the beach


Partly because of their absorbency, Hammam towels are perfect for travelling! They are compact and lightweight, taking up very little space in your suitcase or beach bag! Because they are quick-drying, they are perfect for a day by the pool or at the beach.

Nisa Black & Grey Hammam Travel Beach Towel

Hammam towels are the perfect travel companion


One of the main benefits of the Hammam towel is its versatility. Not only is it perfect for the bathroom or for the beach, but it doubles as a flexible summer accessory. Use yours as a summer throw, a scarf, a wrap, a picnic blanket, sarong or even a tablecloth!

Charcoal & White Hammam Beach Towel As A Sarong
Hammam towels can be used a sarong



The reason the Hammam towel is so versatile is partly down to its style. The elegant design is attractive and colourful, ensuring it will be eye-catching however it is worn or used. Furthermore, at Harfi, our Hammam towels are handmade by an artisan co-operative, ensuring each piece brings character and individuality to your wardrobe.

Green & White Hammam Beach Towel

Hammam towels are a perennial favourite and will never go out of style


Hammam towels are high-quality and durable. They are so easy to look after and will last a long time, getting softer with every wash. Furthermore, at Harfi we only use natural materials in our Hammam towels; organic cotton ensures our products are eco-friendly and sustainable. Not only this, but their lightweight nature ensures less energy is wasted in transportation, and the fact they are quick-drying reduces the need for energy-intensive machine drying. It will surely be one of the most sustainable items in your home!

Black, pink and blue hammam towels

Our hammam towels are made using 100% organic cotton


At Harfi, our Hammam towels are made by a small artisan co-operative run by Kadir in Turkey. This family business was founded by Kadir’s late grandmother who used to weave the towels by hand. Kadir learned to weave from his grandmother, ensuring this traditional craft is preserved for posterity. Through his partnership with Harfi, Kadir ensures a more sustainable income for himself and his workers, as well as sharing his talented craftsmanship with a larger audience. Our artisan-made Hammam towels are exquisite, and wonderfully unique.

Traditional wooden loom for hammam towels

Our hammam towels are lovingly handmade on traditional wooden looms

Shop our collection of ethical, handmade Hammam towels here.

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