Product description

FREE ENGRAVING. This piece can be engraved on the front of the rounded pendant charm. You can engrave 3 lines of text, up to 20 characters in total. Alphanumeric characters plus spaces, &, -, + and . allowed. Whether you're celebrating a significant milestone, or simply want to keep a special message close, engraved jewellery makes a sentimental gift they are sure to treasure.

NATURAL BIRTHSTONES. Finished with our signature, natural birthstones. Birthstones are said to bring luck and protection to those wearing it and will bring a magical touch to any occasion.

ADJUSTABLE NECKLACE. The chain can be adjusted from 41-46cm for different styles.

HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS. This eye catching piece combines high quality craftsmanship and precious metal without the hefty price tag. At Harfi we use an extra thick 2.5 microns of gold (~20 times thicker than standard gold plating) which is long lasting and hypoallergenic, so you can look as good as you feel, every day.

Material: 18k Gold Vermeil & Natural Birthstone

Stone Detail: Natural Birthstones - 10-12mm

Chain Style: Fine chain/ fine beaded chain

Chain Length: 16-18 inches adjustable link chain

1. Garnet: January Birthstone - Passion

2. Amethyst: February Birthstone - Peace

3. Aquamarine: March Birthstone - Good Luck

4 Herkimer Diamond: April Birthstone - Spiritual Growth

5. Emerald: May Birthstone - Affection

6. Moonstone: June Birthstone - Self-discovery

7. Pearl: June Birthstone - Modesty

8. Ruby: July Birthstone - Beauty

9. Peridot: August Birthstone - Prosperity

10. Sapphire: September Birthstone - Wisdom

11. Rose Quartz: October Birthstone - Unconditional Love

12. Citrine: November Birthstone - New Beginnings

13. Tanzanite: December Birthstone - Positivity

14: Turquoise: December Birthstone - Strength

*Please note that the birthstone may vary slightly from the picture shown due to natural variations. This is all part of its charm and why each piece is truly unique*