Valentine's Day Jewellery Gifts For Her

We’re getting worryingly close to the most romantic day of the year already, Valentine’s Day! It might feel like last year’s V-Day has just happened, but the year has just flown by and we’re back to planning romantic surprises again. You might not be able to go out for dinner, or holiday in Paris or Rome, but there are absolutely still ways to make your partner feel “oh so special” on the special day.

Whether it’s a homemade surprise or a perfect gift, we’re sure you all have something amazing in the works. To help you out with the gifts this year, we thought we would choose some of our favourite pieces of jewellery from the Harfi collection that we think would be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

1.Rose Necklace

Opal & Copper Turquoise Necklace, Rose Gold

The Rose necklace is the perfect gift for the person you really love, the mixed opal and turquoise gem combines the two stones as well as their meanings in a gift that carries its significance though its stones. Opal comes with ideals of love and passion, while turquoise brings peace and good fortune, so the two combined make it the perfect gift for the special someone you see in your life for years to come. The piece is also handcrafted from sterling silver covered in 18kt gold vermeil, giving it a luxury look that not many can match.

The Rose necklace is also a part of our Rose collection of opal and turquoise jewellery. You can easily match the necklace with its bracelet, earrings, or ring. You could also contrast it with other stones or wear it on its own as a statement piece.

2. Bianca Earrings

Dalmatian Jasper Earrings - March Birthstone Earrings - Gold

The incredibly striking Bianca earrings are the best gift for someone who likes to stand out in the crowd, who likes to make their voice heard in any room, and who likes to set the trend instead of following them. The unique pattern on each jasper dalmatian gemstone brings a sense of special to each and every pair of Bianca earrings. The black and white of the stone combines perfectly with the 18kt gold plating of the sterling silver, giving the earrings an equally unique look that makes them an amazing statement piece.

The jasper dalmatian gem is also the birthstone for March, so the Bianca earrings would work just as well as an early birthday present. Like the Rose necklace, the Bianca earrings are part of their own collection. You can mix and match between the Bianca necklace, the matching ring, and the matching bracelet to find the look that works for you.

3.Sylvia Ring

Azurite Gold Ring - May Birthstone Ring

There are very, very few stones that can beat the natural beauty of azurite. The centrepiece of the Sylvia ring is a square azurite gemstone that combines style with substance for a very chic look. It’s known as “the stone of heaven” for good reason. Every azurite gem comes with its unique pattern of blue, green and gold for a special look for that special someone.

The ring is set on a handcrafted base of 925 sterling silver layered over with 18kt gold, making this a ring you can wear to any occasion with pride. The colours of the gem also make it a very good piece to accessorise with or to mix and match with other pieces of jewellery. If you’d prefer to keep azurites as the focus, you can also check out the Sylvia necklace, bracelet and earrings, all of whom come with the beautiful azurite gem at their centre.

4.Myra Bracelet

Pink & White Chalcedony Gold Bracelet

One of our most elegant pieces, the Myra bracelet comes inset with two chalcedony gemstones, one in pink and one in white. These colours combine perfectly with the 18kt gold vermeil surrounding it for an elegant yet minimalist piece. The Myra bracelet really proves that simplicity can definitely be the best policy, and its simple colours just work so well together.

Chalcedony itself is said to help balance emotions and relieve stress, just what we all need to help us through lockdown. The Myra bracelet can also be paired with its sister earrings for a statement look. Both pieces come with both pink and white chalcedony gems, giving you all sorts of options to work with when planning outfits.

5.Anika Earrings

Emerald Tear Drop Gold Earrings

A real piece for any outfit, our Anika earrings can be found with emerald, garnet or baby blue gems, so you can pick and choose which would best suit your aesthetic. The teardrop gemstone goes perfectly with the simple and chic design of the earrings for a very modern and minimalist piece of jewellery. The metal itself is gold-plated brass, giving it a very chic look as a simple gold item.

The Anika earrings are the perfect gift for someone who prefers to let their actions speak much louder than words, or who likes to keep things luxurious but simple. Choose between the gemstones to find which one would best suit your special someone, or mix and match pairs to go with different styles or outfits. If you’re an avid reader of Stella magazine, you might recognise the Anika earrings as one of the items featured in their 2020 awards for “Best gifts you can buy”!

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