Top 6 Jewellery Styling Tips From the Experts

Accessorising elevates your go-to outfit. A t-shirt and jeans look is boring but, by adding statement jewellery, and with very little effort, you can turn it into an eye-catching outfit. Everyday demi-fine jewellery can complement a work outfit to make it look more sophisticated. It can also be a priceless heirloom you want to keep with you always. 

But, how do you style these? 

Often people buy jewellery, wear it once and forget about it because they don’t see it as essential to their outfits. But it is. We have highlighted the best advice from styling experts to elevate your outfits and coordinate different pieces to realise the power of styling jewellery to look your best.

1. Keep Clothing Neutral for Statement Items

When buying, you should always be thinking about how you are going to incorporate a piece into your wardrobe. Don’t buy something if you can’t think of different outfits to wear with it. When you have colourful, stacked jewellery, you’ll find it does not go with your favourite patterned dress.

To avoid overpowering your look, Emma Campbell of advises to “keep an array of staple items in your wardrobe in classic colours like beige, black, white and navy.” Her 10 years of fashion experience come from filling her blog with style inspiration. She recommends ‘to have a “couple of casual shirts, tailored trousers and cardigans in these shades, and I promise you, they will come in handy for when you have a pop of colour item and you just don't know what to pair with it!"         

                                          Neutral black blazer outfit with ring     neutral white shirt with ring


2. Match Metal To Skin Tone

“When it comes to jewellery, making sure you choose the right metal for your skintone is a must,” says Lorna Burford, from Lorna is a personal style blogger who has been working in the industry for the past 14 years. She says the colour of different metals will best complement different skin tones. The easiest way to tell if you are cool or warm toned is to look at the veins on your wrist; if they are blue or purple, you are cool toned, while a green colour indicates warm tones. But tone can change seasonally. “Gold looks amazing with a warm tan, while silver looks great on paler, cooler toned skin.” While most people fall into cool and warm categories, some will have a neutral skin tone and can pull of both, Lorna adds. Lucky them!

 woman wearing a ring

3. Layer necklaces

“At least 2-3 necklaces are required for me” says Lorna. She advocates mixing different chain lengths. This allows each necklace to stand out on its own, creating a texture and a more interesting, cascade look. Different lengths will also prevent tangling. The 33-year old shares a top tip to stop them tangling: attach the necklaces together, at the clasps, to create one big necklace.

 3 layered necklaces

4. Coordinate earrings

If you have more than one piercing in your ears, take advantage of it. Lorna also says ”huggies are a must for double lobe piercings.” As they sit close to your ear, they are versatile for stacking with other styles. “I love to coordinate my earrings. I'll match the designs and choose complementary styles for multiple holes.” This can include pairing related charms; “I love wearing moons and stars together!”

  Star earring



5. Take care of old jewellery 

Antique jewellery is special. These pieces that are handed down from generations are important to keep because of their sentimental value. But Gail Hanlon warns “heritage jewellery can look very ageing.” Gail runs Is this mutton, a blog for over-50s fashion to prove women over the age of 50 don’t need to become invisible as “fashion is ageless”. The fashion blogger suggests you should “think about having precious keepsakes remodelled so that they suit your style personality and still keep the memory of a loved one close to you.” By reusing the materials and stones to make something new, you can breath new life into a favourite item

                             woman wearing earring and ring       opal ring        citrine ring


6. Find your signature style

Jewellery is what you live in everyday; it can completely change your outfit and the way you feel. So, it’s worth it to take the time to find what you cannot live without. But dressing well demands time we don’t have. “Find pieces you really connect with and want to wear all the time,” advises Julia from These pieces can elevate a simple outfit and show your consistent style when you want to experiment with your look. This jewellery can be anything: one statement piece or a mix of pieces that work well together. The freelance journalist turned fashion blogger loves to pair a single pendant, big bracelets and mixes up vintage and recycled gold rings.

       woman wearing a bangle       woman wearing a necklace      gold ring


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