Gemstone jewellery with a story - the meaning behind some of our gems

All of us here at Harfi are so proud of the intricate jewellery pieces that we are lucky enough to have as part of our collections. Our fantastic artisans have worked so hard to put together all of the great designs we have on offer, so we’ve put some of our own work into discovering the stories behind some of the exquisite gemstones that our artisans have used to craft their pieces.


One of our most striking gems is the azurite we use in the Sylvia NecklaceRing and Earrings, surrounded by gold-plated sterling silver for a stylish yet minimalistic piece. The unique patterns on each azurite gems is what makes it so special, and means that every ring and earring is just as unique as the person wearing it.

Azurite is a gem that is said to hold many a healing property, with the gem holding mainly spiritual power. The stone can be used to improve memory and to improve the connections between body, mind, and soul.

Dalmatian Jasper

One of our most striking gemstones is the Dalmatian Jasper stone that our artisans have used to make the Idika Earrings. Fairly unsurprisingly, the dalmatian in Dalmatian Jasper does in fact refer to the black and white spotted pattern of the gems, much like the similarly-named dogs. In a similar vein to the Krisha quartz, the name of the stone and its meaning do have a fair bit in common. The Dalmatian Jasper carries the same playful energy that a Dalmatian would bring to the table, a sort of youthful joie-de-vivre that dogs seem to bring wherever they go. 

Some of the other stories behind the stone include that the gem instils a devotion to important people in your life. Another is that the black spots of the stone suck in all the negative energy in your life, helping for calmer days and a better night’s sleep. Jasper is also the traditional birthstone for March.


Our Naira Ring hosts a stunning topaz gemstone, with the choice between the topaz and a brilliant moonstone. The name “topaz” comes from the Ancient Greek name for the island of Zabargad in Egypt, Topazos, even though there is no topaz to be found there, but the name was applied to many similar gems. In the same vein as quartz, topaz has been said to have mystical properties since ancient times. A topaz stone was set in the breastplates of Hebrew high priests, the Ancient Greeks believed that a topaz stone imbued a person with strength, and topaz was said to have the power to break magic spells in Medieval times. In Ancient Indian culture, the topaz was associated with fire, with the Sanskrit “तपस्” (tapas) meaning heat of fire. It is also said that the first true topaz gems were shipped to Greece and Egypt from what is now Sri Lanka in ancient times. Topaz is the traditiional birthstone for November.


One of our best-selling rings is the Mahika ring, with some incredibly detailed gold-plated detail under a majestic quartz gemstone. The name Mahika means “Earth” in Sanskrit, tying in with the natural healing properties synonymous with the quartz gemstone. Quartz is usually associated with spiritual healing, with the stone said to have the properties of healing the mind and soul. Quartz talismans have been in use since the times of the Ancient Egyptians, and Ancient Japanese civilisations believed that quartz gems were the crystallised breath of white dragons. 


Precious Opal is one of the most colourful gems, with iridescence being one of its calling cards. The colours can be pretty much anything across the spectrum, making each opal gem a unique piece of jewellery. Opals are a very rare gem worldwide, and so was very much prized by royalty and aristocracy in ancient times. It is the opening of mines in Australia which made the opal more accessible to other people, and Australia still provides more than 95% of the world's opal gems. The opal is another gem with its name originating from Ancient India, with the Sanskrit being adopted into Latin as “opalus” and developing from there.

Opal’s have been associated with luck for centuries, with the boons of each gemstone said to be represented in the iridescence of the precious opal, so definitely one to wear out and about with our rose gold and opal gem Ella Ring.


Emerald is a gem that has been tied into folklore and myths for centuries across the world. In India, the idols of the Hindu goddess Meenakshi were traditionally made of emerald. On the European end, many emeralds were brought to Europe by the early Spanish conquistadors, and French poet and historian Brantôme was so moved by their beauty that he wrote a poem in their honour.

Our beautiful Anika Earrings house a teardrop synthetic emerald in a fantastic design made of gold-plated brass and silver. The name Anika means "brilliance" in Sanskrit, relating to the brilliance of the emerald gems that form the centrepiece of the unique item of jewellery.

Every piece of jewellery has a story behind it, whether that’s the history behind the gem or the story of the artisan, we are proud to be storytellers through the unique pieces we are lucky enough to have on offer.

Stay safe!

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