The guide to your perfect lockdown skin-care routine!

Not being able to make the most out of the sunshine this summer is going to be painful for two reasons. Firstly, I'm going to miss all the lovely warm summer days spent exploring and travelling. Secondly, my skin is absolutely going to suffer, not being able to get any Vitamin D is not going to be fun. That's why I'm going to be putting together a new skincare routine to keep me going through the lockdown summer.

Get clean!

Step one in any recipe is to clean the surface before using it, and the same absolutely applies to skin. If you have sensitive skin, please make sure that any cleansing product is nice and gentle. Otherwise, warm water also works fairly well. Either way, so long as the skin is nice and clean before anything else is applied.


Tone up!

The second step is usually a toner, which some people skip, but that’s not something I would recommend. There was a nasty rumour that they irritated and damaged skin a while ago, but that turned out to be some #fakenews. A good toner acts as a delivery system for many important minerals and vitamins, allowing them to be truly absorbed by skin. There are still some who say that a toner isn’t totally necessary, but it’s very much horses for courses at this point. 


Get specific!

Next is a very particular step, but it’s usually very much important for those that need it. It’s to add any serums or specific creams that are used for specific conditions or blemishes. There’s absolutely no shame in having or treating any skin issue, and it’s best to wait until the skin is as clean as possible to apply any special creams or serums. We’d also possibly recommend antioxidant serums, as antioxidants are something you might be sorely lacking with the lockdown in place.


Take care!

Next we move to the eyes, arguably the most important part of the entire face area. A good eye cream is vital for keeping your eyelids and the surrounding areas nice and hydrated. We’d recommend using the same kind of cream consistently, as changes might not be particularly healthy for your eye area.



Last, but absolutely not least, comes the general moisturiser. This can be a cream, an oil, or whatever you may find to keep those pores nice and moist. We might even be so bold to suggest our ethically sourced Moroccan Argan Oil, but as always you remain very much free to choose your own remedy. Keeping your skin in good shape is key to maintaining clear and healthy shape in the long run, and we all want to be serving looks well into our 80s!


And accessorise!

We’d also cheekily suggest some fantastic skincare accessories. You do always need a towel to use during the process, and maybe even a lovely wash bag to carry the essentials in? Either way, it is key to understand and work on the needs of our skin, after all, we need to take care of our skin if we want it to take care of us. We do hope you’re taking care during these tough times, and that you stay home and stay safe!

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