The Best Jewellery to Wear to Work and How to Style it

You’re looking at your wardrobe. You glance down at your watch. You’re going to be late. You look back up. You grab your usual dark trousers, light top, black blazer, and trusty black leather shoes and bag and you go. And you look like everyone else in rush hour. You don’t even think about accessories.

But there are simple ways to add personality, colour and style into your workwear, while still looking professional and sophisticated. Whether over Zoom or in the office, these recommendations will add something unique to your everyday outfit.

Who knows if that extra boost in your confidence from wearing your new stylish jewellery will be what gets you that next job or promotion?

Ethical Gold Jewellery

Ethical, Luxury Jewellery - Harfi

What to avoid

When you are thinking about making your outfit more stylish, practicality also need to be considered. The tasks you do during the day will influence your choices. Long, dangly earrings can start to hurt if you are on the phone a lot. Clinking bracelets will get in the way when you are typing or writing. And dangling necklaces can easily get caught and tangled. As this jewellery should be designed to be worn every day, it is also important not to go too showy, so matching sets should be avoided.

General rules are no oversized jewellery, no sparkles and no distractions. You don’t want anything too gaudy and in-your-face, with attention grabbing colours kept to a minimum. Nothing that makes noise.

These rules will change in each workplace and a balance can always be found. Demi-fine jewellery sits perfectly in the middle; it isn’t too flashy and it isn’t too expensive but will last long while being worn every day.

Gold Coco Beaded Hoops

Coco Beaded Hoop Earrings - Harfi

Classic work jewellery

Pearls or diamonds are a timeless addition to your work wardrobe. They can add a feminine touch to your outfit and are perfect to transition to a night out. Pair them with gold or silver for a classic look.

Stud earrings are very safe. Huggie earrings are also comfortable for phone calls. Wearing them with your hair up at work can be the perfect way to show them off.

 A 16”-18” necklace will work with most workwear shirts and dresses while not drawing attention to your bust. Pendants with a small gemstone or crystal can express enough without being over the top. Layering necklaces can be appropriate in more casual offices, otherwise keep it minimalist.

For rings, keep them to a small number, spread out across both hands for balance, with a small gemstone.

Bracelets can be worn, as long as they sit close to the wrist, so they aren’t jangly, like a tennis bracelet. Unlike with necklaces, it is best not to stack these

Opal & Copper Turquoise Gold Necklace

Opal & Copper Turquoise Rose Gold Necklace - Harfi

How to show personality without being distracting

It is easy to pick very simple options for work jewellery and get into a rut. But with some careful planning, you can inject some life into your look without losing professionalism.

Try wearing a pendant with a charm or birthstone that reflects something personal about you. Something customized with your initial can be meaningful and work-appropriate.

Statement jewellery is already the norm in some workplaces. If you are worried about it being too gaudy, wearing only one item of jewellery that is the focal point of the outfit can make it more appropriate for all offices. Similarly, if wearing a coloured stone, keep the rest of the outfit neutral and keep the stone small.

A small unique ring can also brighten up your workday if you are often staring at a keyboard.

Initial & Birthstone Necklace

Initial & Birthstone Necklace - Harfi

Formal vs Casual Dress Codes

If you work in a corporate job, it is best to err on the side of caution. The rule of thumb is to wear only three pieces at a time. Think comfortable, hassle-free and minimalist. For interviews, the focus should be on what you have to say, less on what you wear. So, big and colourful motifs can be a distraction here.

Networking events are perfect to display your rings and bracelets that show off your personality when you are shaking hands and holding drinks. For a more casual work environment or an informal office party, centring your outfit on one statement piece hits the perfect balance between work and fun.

Gold Dual Hoop Earrings

Coco Dual Hoop Earrings - Harfi

Top 5 Work Jewellery Pieces Everyone Should Own

1. Scarlett Glow Earrings – Harfi

 These studs add a pop of colour and personality to a boring work outfit, without compromising on practicality.

Gold Garnet January Birthstone Earrings

2Coco Thick Huggie Earrings – Harfi

 These thick huggie earrings are bold while not being a distraction in the workplace.


Gold Huggie Earrings


3. Initial & Birthstone Necklace – Harfi

 This necklace is the perfect way to liven up your outfits with something personalised to you.

Gold Initial & Birthstone Necklace

4. Saguna Bracelet – Harfi

 You can easily change the size of this bracelet, which is perfect for ensuring a snug fit that won’t move about and distract you from your work.

Pink Chalcedony Gold Bracelet

5. Celeste Frame Ring – Harfi

This has a small gemstone that is appropriate for any office made with durable gold vermeil.

Lapis Lazuli September Birthstone Ring

Each of these pieces can be used to create a capsule wardrobe for every day. So, you can save time on a busy morning and still look stylish.

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