Interior Design: How to design the perfect home. Hot tips from the top influencers in the space.

Let’s be honest, creating your dream home can be a daunting process. Sure, you can pick out items that you like but will the colour schemes match with each other? Will the different themes be coherent? Will everything fit? How much will it cost?

With property prices on the rise and not enough room to even swing a cat becoming the norm, it has become increasingly challenging to create the perfect living space.

To help you out we've reached out to some of the biggest and most respected influencers in home interior and asked them for the best tips they've learnt from styling their own homes. They revealed some of the top interior design tricks that you can easily replicate with minimal time and cost. Read the tips below to find out more...


Jellina Detmar - Modern industrial

Jellina, along with her husband, completely rebuilt their 1770 monumental farmhouse in Friesland, Netherlands which they moved into in 2017. She likes to constantly try out new stylistic and do it yourself ideas; they have created a lot of their furniture themselves such as their kitchen top, table, cabinet and doors.

Top Tips:

  • Bring nature from the outside to inside. Many plants and greenery make the room cosy and allows the room to lives and breathe. We have travelled a lot together with trips to Bali, Thailand, Costa Rica and Gambia and we love nature. This is also the basis of our house.
  • Make the house your own. Do what makes you happy when styling your home. Create the atmosphere as you feel it.
  • You can create warmth and cosiness with the right furniture and lighting such as beautiful lamps, nice plaids and cushions on the couch and a lovely rug
  • Choose the right colours for you. I work a lot with earth tones; green, brown, black, white, grey. I feel comfortable with this. In daily life I have a busy job as a physiotherapist and at home I want to create the feeling of peace, relaxation and warmth. If you like more colour then it's best to use it; ochre yellow, blue, old pink and other warm shades could also fit in well. 

Where can you find her?

Instagram: @jellinadetmar 
Blog: Jellinadetmar




Monika Pedersen - Danish hygge

Monika comes from Copenhagen, Denmark and has been decorating since a very early age. After taking some time out to pursue a singing career in the band called Sirenia her passion for interior returned when she rebuilt her current house with her husband. In her interiors she focuses a lot on positive energies and art, which she produces herself and is inspired by nature.

Top tips:

  • Choose between 4-6 different colours you would like for your room and go for it.
  • To create your own style you can perfectly combine different styles. My home is a mix of bohemian, Scandinavian, and luxury style. You can look for inspiration on Instagram.
  • Use a lot of plants and bring the nature inside with sticks, branches and flowers. It creates such good energies and a wonderful internal climate.
  • Find furniture in second hand stores. It doesn’t need to be expensive.
  • Have a lot of different light sources. It creates hygge.
  • Blankets, pillows and unique art on your walls are the perfect way to make your home personal.

Where can you find her?

Instagram: @monikapedersenart #mydanishhygge

Art shop: Monikapedersen





Reena Simon - Modern rustic with boho-chic

Reena is a stay at home mum to 3 little girls in Cardiff, Wales who started documenting and blogging her experience of renovating her family home 2 years ago. She is passionate about modern rustic interiors with industrial and bohemian touches to give a practical yet stylish feel. 

Top tips:

  • Mood board your spaces. Imagine the feeling you want to create and what you want out of the space and think how you can achieve that feeling with your colour palette, furniture choices and accessories. For example, I wanted my home to feel calm and relaxed so I picked a neutral colour palette but then I wanted it to be really cosy so I have added lots of texture throughout.
  • Plan your storage. Things need to have a home so you can keep your spaces calm and relaxed which is important especially if you have a family.
  • I am not a minimalist nor a maximalist; I am somewhere in between which I think is a happy place to be. I like to have my favourite items out on display and like open shelves, I am not one for hiding things away and I think this kind of design lends itself to a cosier and more inviting interior.

Where can you find her?

Instagram: @hygge_for_home

Website: hygge_for_home

Pinterest: Hyggeforhome





Lina Polat - Modern luxury

Lina is an interior enthusiast from Denmark who has always had a huge passion for home decor. She likes to be creative with decoration using a number of different styles and undergoing a number of DIY projects.

Top Tips:

  • My number one tip is you must have a colour palette evenly peppered throughout the space/ house apartment/ room. Choose a few colours that you love. You can mix different styles as long as you have your colour palette.
  • Green plants and fresh flowers give the room life.
  • Keep it simple (less is more).
  • I love to use the mirrors to make the room bigger.

Where can you find her?

Instagram: @linapolat, #linapolat





Nicole Van Biert - Natural bohemian

Nicole is a self-taught interior lover from Tilburg, Netherlands who has been reading interior magazines and decorating since she was a child. She does not like to adhere to any strict rules in her designs and prefers to do everything based on her feelings. She likes to combine a number of different styles and includes a lot of industrial furniture and nature, especially plants.

Top tips:

  •  Try to make your home a place where you feel happy and comfortable. Let your home be a home and do not make a showroom of it.
  • Trends are fun but only pick out what suits you in your home.

Where can you find her?

Instragram: @nieks_servies




Trine Ravn Palmer - Nordic, rustic, bohemian, monochrome

Trine is currently undergoing a formal education in interior design in Eskilstuna, Sweden with the aim to make a full time career out of it. She likes to combine Nordic, rustic and bohemian themes in her decorations and focuses primarily on black and white colours. 

Top tips:

  • My best interior tip is to surround yourself with items you love. A perfect home is supposed to bring you energy and reflect the people who live in it.
  • If you choose items with care, and surround yourself only with what you actually really love instead of just following trends your home will also become a place where you can thrive in. As a bonus it also becomes personal and unique!

Where can you find her?

Instragram: @bytrineravn





Christina Mazarin - Scandi with a bohemian twist

Christina comes from Tours, France. She likes to use Scandinavian style a lot with a bit of Bohemian to add a personal touch. She enjoys novelty in her interiors and so does not like to stay with the same decoration for too long; often moving and replacing smaller items around.

Top tips:

  • Add a personal touch to your decoration with some DIY or some unique items. For example, at home there are a few pieces I made myself like the TV stand, my console, macramé etc.
  • The success of a perfect house is to work with your heart and your desires and not to copy paste.

Where can you find her?

Instagram: tinapoit_homedeco





Marlene Elmqvist - Country rustic

Marlene is a 33 year old mum of two in Sweden who pursued a more serious interest in interior design when she was on maternity leave for a couple of years and felt the need to have something more to do. She uses a number of different styles but has a particular affection for rustic materials in her interior to give a unique look and a comfortable feeling.

Top Tips:

  • Design your home in the way YOU want.
  • It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to decorate your home. You can always make your own things or use cheap furniture and turn it into something that you like.
  • Have fun!

Where can you find her?

Instagram: @homebymarlene




Hanna Kangas - Natural bohemian

Hanna is a Mum of two in Gävle, Sweden whose passion for in interior design began while looking after her first child at home. She does her best interior work while listening to Volbeat or Ghost and loves to use plants in her rooms. 

Top tips:

  • Use what make you happy. I think earthy tones makes your soul calm and at peace.
  • You can never have too many plants in your space; it's good for the environment in your home and they look awesome.
  • Thrift-shopping! Maybe you'll find that one piece that is just going to make the whole room.
  • Mix textiles and wooden furniture for that cosy feeling.

Where can you find her?

Instagram: @Hanna_bohohome





Essi Ravio - Eclectic mid-century modern

Essi is a 27 year old content designer and blogger from Finland who has developed her own style of decorating after renovating her home over the past few years. She loves mid-century modern, bohemian and Scandinavian style and flea market finds. She believes the home is never finished and her style changes from season to season. 

Top tips:

  • I strongly believe that the best results takes imagination and time – you can't buy all at once. Adding layers makes the interior look more personal and interesting.
  • Keep your eyes open everywhere you go and don't be afraid to make some mistakes!
  • If possible buy good quality materials like real wood, wool and linen. 

Where can you find her?

Instagram: @essi.pinossa

Blog: essi.pinossa





Alexandra Schmidt - Modern Scandinavian

Alexandra lives together with her partner in a house from the 1950s in Germany which they renovated one year ago. As is the norm for this building type the rooms are really small with no open space. She enjoys modern Scandinavian interior and likes to add fur and lots of candles to create a cosy atmosphere. 

Top tips:

  • My favourite colours are white, grey, black and wooden. They can be combined with nearly every other colour.
  • A change of the colours of the pillows on your sofa can give the entire room a different look.
  • I love having posters on the wall. They can easily be changed to diversify your style.

Where can you find her?

Instagram @homeandinteriorbyalexandra





Russell Lobo - Modern minimalist

Russell is a social media influencer and has an interest in a variety of fields including home decor, DIY and investing. He is passionate about using minimal items to make his house beautiful. 

Top tips:

  • Keep colours bright and light. The bedroom should always be bright and airy so you need to make sure you use light colours especially if the bedroom is small.
  • Place the bed in a corner. This gives you more floor space in your bedroom. It also makes the bed feel more comfortable and cosier.
  • Choose a compact bed frame. There are many bed frames in the UK that you can choose from. Choose a compact bed frame over a bulky one.
  • Magnify your rooms with mirrors: Mirrors are an excellent way to increase the perception of the size of your rooms.  

Where can you find him?

Pinterest: Russelllobo

Blog: Archers Sleep Centre

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