Homeware Styling Tips During Easter Lockdown

Easter is just around the corner, and it just might not be the same as every other year. Whilst we're all trying our best to make our time at home as "normal" as possible, it might be a little more difficult, with a day that is usually spent in the company of family and friends. However, not all hope is lost, as we've got some ideas for how to spruce up your space to make the weekend as "normal" as you can, during this period of isolation.

1. - Get some plants

Harfi | Living Room Interior With Plants

While you might not be able to fill your space with friends and loved ones this year, something lots of people are doing (including me!) is filling their rooms with all sorts of houseplants. It's proven that having plants and greenery indoors can help boost your general mood, as well as oxygen levels and at this difficult time, who could say no to that?. For those who don't have a garden, it's also just a positive change to have some of the great outdoors brought inside. We've also seen some very happy customers use our fantastic baskets to house their plants, and although it usually works for larger plants, this is a welcome change to mix things up and be creative. We'd love to see your ideas so get in touch on our Facebook page and share your new spaces with us!

2. - Make some changes to your space

Harfi  | Living Room Interior

What can really get to some people during these times is the monotony, particularly if you're stuck in the house all day, you can definitely go a little stir-crazy!. One way to avoid this is to make little (or big) changes to the layout of your spaces. We're not recommending that you go full-on and start tearing down walls, but it does help to add or remove small touches from a space to create some variety. It's the perfect time to buy that rug you've always been thinking of getting, or add a little art piece to your wall. If anything, it helps to break the monotony of #lockdownlife and spice up the space you're becoming very much familiar with. In addition to just rugs, we've seen throws, towels, and bed sheets being changed-up to make the very familiar feel new.

3. - Take care of yourself

Harfi | Skin Care

With all of this newly found free time, it's the perfect opportunity to start that self-care routine that you've been thinking about. We're loving that we now have the time to pamper and care for ourselves in a way that we could never have done normally. It's the perfect time to order some face masks, some bath bombs, and some oils to kickstart that perfect self-care evening. We'd (cheekily) recommend some ethically sourced Moroccan Argan Oil. It is absolutely the perfect time to start that new routine and now more than ever, we just need to be making sure that we're taking care of ourselves and each other.

4. - Check in on your friends

Harfi | Socialising With Friends Online

While you might not be able to see your friends in person, it's the perfect time to find new ways to meet up with them. People are finding all sorts of creative ways to talk to their close friends, from the classic Skype, a cheeky Discord, the new Houseparty, to a very casual Zoom call. It might also be a good time to get some gifts for a friend that might be struggling with any aspect of these difficult times. We would suggest you could even send them a letter or a giftcard, as there is always something special about a handwritten letter, something very personal. In this time of crisis and worry, just make sure that your friends are doing okay.

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