How To Layer Necklaces Like A Pro

More is better when it comes to necklaces. You should never get bored with your necklaces because they are meant to be an expression of all the sides of your personality. They are meant to be layered. Layering your necklaces in an unusual way will create a unique outfit no one else can copy. Whether your personality is reflected in a minimalist style with layered dainty jewellery or a maximalist style with big chains, the layered look is something everyone can achieve.

If you love the look of the layered trend but you don’t know how to re-create it yourself, here are some tips to make it easier.

1. Coordinate Jewellery with Your Outfit

You should take care to think about which types of clothes will go best with which jewellery. If you want to go for a statement layered look, then wearing a dark top will ensure the necklace stack is the star of the show. Styling necklaces over a dark turtleneck gives a perfect backdrop for creative, statement jewellery. V-necks are great for showing off pendants and longer layers. Looser clothes, like jumpers for winter, are also better paired with longer necklaces. If you have a basic t-shirt and jeans outfit in neutral tones but are not sure how to take it to the next level, layering necklaces over your outfit is the easiest way to elevate it. This will give your necklace layers the attention they deserve.

Gold Necklace Layering

2. Vary Lengths

This is the simplest trick to start layering necklaces when you don’t know how. When you try to wear several necklaces at the same length, they create a messy look. Although this can work when you are going for a maximalist style, it is very hard to pull off. A quick trick when you have two necklaces of the same size, however, is to wear one necklace on its shortest setting and one on its longest setting. It is also good to stagger distance between each necklace. With different distances between the pieces, which stops it looking too perfect. Adding a much longer necklace to this stack creates a flow that is unpredictable, yet tasteful. Three necklaces is the rule of thumb: one choker, one short necklace and one long pendant. This avoids tangling and creates a timeless look. Another way to avoid tangling is to attach the chains together to create one long necklace. Wrap this around your neck for a layered look without any tangling hassle.

Gold Necklace Layering

3. Stick to a Safe Chic Style

Who says layering can’t be minimalist? In fact, it’s hard to achieve this look without some jewellery. You can create a chic, layered look with shorter necklaces and chokers. This will not overpower your look if you want the attention to be on a certain item of clothing. Choose simple and delicate chains. Two to three are best to achieve a sleek, modern look.

A choker paired with a fine chain necklace, perhaps with a small pendant charm adds just the right amount of class without dominating your outfit. Stick to one metal here. This will achieve a simplistic yet sophisticated style.

Gold Necklace Layering

4. Layer with chains

Chains are the easiest necklaces to layer. Our 18k gold vermeil chains are the perfect mix between luxury and street style. When stacking chains, go for different styles of chain and different link patterns. Mix paperclip, Cuban and figaro style chaings to create a unique mix that draws the eye. Different styles of chains are easily compatible and add interest to a simple outfit.

You cannot go wrong when you stick to one metal. Gold is perfect for a classic, timeless look. But if you want to be a bit daring and start mixing different types of gold and silver jewellery, chain necklaces are the perfect place to start. By mixing these metals but keeping the type of necklace the same, it provides a safe starting point for you to experiment.

5. Personalise Your Stack

Layering opens up so many opportunities to let your creativity shine as brightly as your chains do. So add a little bit more personality by customising some of your pieces. Pendants are the easiest to personalise. Add a pendant with your initial, birthstone, or zodiac sign for a look that is unique to you.

A great way to personalise your look is to match your necklace pendant to your earring pendant. Any of these charms can be added to our ‘Add a charm’ collection to achieve this look. Try wearing multiple charms that reflect your personality. This will add something different to chains to make the stack even more beautiful.

Add some colour to make your look more playful. By pairing a personalised item with classic chains, you create a personalised, unique stack.

Gold Necklace Layering

Though it can seem hard at first to get a necklace stack just right, it is best not to overthink this. Necklaces are designed to be worn layered. So, it is hard to go wrong. But with a few tweaks you can achieve a dainty, minimalist look, a timeless outfit or a statement jewellery stack.


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